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Print Perfectly with Triple Brains


Custom Designs

Create unique 3D designs tailored to your needs and preferences with Triple Brains' custom design service.


Fast Prototyping

Prototype quickly and efficiently using Triple Brains' rapid prototyping service for your product development needs.


Precision Printing

Achieve high levels of accuracy and detail in your prints through Triple Brains' precision printing service.


Diverse Materials

Explore a wide range of materials and finishes for your projects with Triple Brains' diverse material options.


Quality Assurance

Ensure top-notch quality with Triple Brains' rigorous quality assurance processes for all your prints.


Expert Consultation

Get professional guidance and advice on your projects from Triple Brains' experienced team of experts.


Meet Triple Brains

We are a cutting-edge 3D printing service specializing in custom designs and rapid prototyping. With our expertise and technology, we bring your ideas to life with precision and efficiency. Let us take your projects to the next level!

Standout Features

Experience the Future of 3D Printing with Triple Brains

Precision Printing

Our cutting-edge technology ensures precise and detailed prints every time. From intricate designs to large prototypes, we deliver top-notch quality with unparalleled accuracy.

Fast Turnaround

With our advanced printing processes, we guarantee quick turnaround times without compromising on quality. Get your projects completed efficiently and in record time with Triple Brains.

Diverse Materials

Explore a wide range of materials for your 3D printing needs. From durable plastics to flexible filaments, we offer versatility in materials to bring your creations to life with Triple Brains.

Our Team

Expert 3D Printing Team at Triple Brains

Philip Henderson

3D Printing Specialist

We specialize in creating precise and high-quality 3D prints, bringing your designs to life with intricate details and accuracy.

Robert Bennett

CAD Design Engineer

Our CAD design engineers craft innovative and functional designs, ensuring that your projects are optimized for 3D printing success.

Lise Mason

Quality Control Inspector

Our quality control inspectors meticulously examine each print, guaranteeing that every product meets our high standards of quality and accuracy.

Victor Miller

Customer Service Representative

Our customer service representatives provide exceptional support and guidance throughout the printing process, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Nana Scott

Technical Support Specialist

Our technical support specialists are always ready to assist with any printing issues or queries, offering expert advice and solutions promptly.


Awards & Accreditations

At Triple Brains, our commitment to excellence is recognized through prestigious awards and accreditations.

Innovation Award - 3D Printing Association

3D Printing Association

Recognizes innovation in the 3D printing industry.

Best 3D Printing Service Provider

Tech Innovator Awards

June 2021

We were honored to win the Tech Innovator Award for being the Best 3D Printing Service Provider.

Excellence in Additive Manufacturing

Technology Awards

August 2020

Our dedication to excellence in additive manufacturing was recognized with the Technology Awards.


Innovative Printing Creations Showcase

Explore the diverse range of cutting-edge 3D-printed designs created by our team at Triple Brains. From intricate prototypes to functional parts, our innovative printing creations showcase our expertise and commitment to quality.

Innovative Printing Solutions

Customizable Printing Projects

Unique 3D Creations

Enhanced Prototype Development


Triple Brains Testimonials

Innovative designs brought to life! Triple Brains truly delivers exceptional 3D printing services. We were amazed by the quality and attention to detail. Their team's expertise shines through every project.


Triple Brains exceeded our expectations. Quick turnaround time without compromising on quality. The final products were flawless. Working with them was a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Professionalism at its finest! Triple Brains' dedication to client satisfaction is unmatched. They worked tirelessly to ensure our project was completed to perfection. We highly recommend their services.



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